We are a small family breeder. It is our goal and responsibility as a breeder to ensure we produce quality, healthy, and happy puppies that have good temperament, and are loving and loyal in character. Pomskies are stunning, highly intelligent, outgoing, social, and affectionate. They make ideal family companions and are a pleasure to own. We maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all of our dogs and puppies. They are members of our family.



The Pomskies most distinctive characteristic that sets them apart from other hybrids is the small Siberian Husky appearance. This breed is extremely loyal, affectionate with family, and active.

Does your Pomsky bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? ….

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The Pomsky has an affectionate, gentle, excellent sense of humor and friendly disposition. They are alert, eager to please and highly intelligent. This versatile breed gets along very well with children and other dogs.

The Pomsky thrives in a family environment, but does not become….

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The Pomsky is highly intelligent and quick to learn. They are easily trained in obedience. They require firmness, fairness, and consistency. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy.

There are several accepted methods of house training your new Pomsky….

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Choose Тhe Puppy Of Your Dreams From A Safe And Reputable Breeder, Without Ever Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home

Our simple ownership process…

1. Choose Waiting List

You have two choices: Preferred and Backup Waiting Lists. Preferred gives you first choice of puppy, Backup gives you last choice after first choices have been made.

2. Pay Ownership Fee

Pay the full adoption fee upfront to be on Preferred Waiting List, or a refundable deposit to get on the Backup List and then the remaining amount if you want a puppy.

3. Bring Puppy Home

We nurture your puppy for 8 weeks after birth, and then you can unite. We can ship the puppy, or you can pick it up in person by flying or driving to Spokane, WA.

What’s A Pomsky?

The ideology of the Pomsky is to produce a small Pomeranian sized dog, with the colouration of the beautiful Siberian Husky. This is achievable with much dedication and careful selection of breeding adults for health and beauty alike. Below are the traits and attributes we breed and strive for in our Pomskies. Read More